One evening expo / Solo show  – Curated by Agnès Biro 

Photographies by Femke den Hollander

22nd April 2022. Stijn Streuvelsstraat 2/23 – Bruges, Belgium

‘La Dérive’ is taken from the concept developed by Guy Debord called “theory of the drift”  where a person is given an appointment at a particular place or time without knowing if  someone will meet them, not knowing what to expect. This concept is challenging the way  one experiences the city, inviting one to take unusual routes and become an observer of  urban life. 

An evening walk to «Godhuizen Elisabeth Zorghe, Paruitte en De Schippers», entering a restricted area, a ghost town. A location once hosting destitute widows and elderly couples, an area of the city that was kept mysterious and that makes you wonder what life would look like behind those walls.

For this one evening expo, visitors receive a mysterious invite for a meeting after sunset,  when Bruges falls asleep, and get to enter the not so renowned almshouse located in Stijn  Streuvelsstraat. 

Without really knowing what to expect, visitors will wander around the area and, guided  by the light, will encounter what could be either ghosts from the past or new forms of life.